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Berelo innovations live on 702 Talk Radio and Cape Talk with an in depth look at loyalty and rewards programs, their place in the market and the impact the consumer protection act has on them.Listen

Berelo Innovations

  • Coupon & Voucher Redemption

    Berelo Innovations is a market leader in the procurement of vouchers and coupons in the retail environment.

  • Mobile Coupons & Vouchers

    Berelo Innovations has pioneered the transition of coupons and vouchers from hard copy, to a mobile based solution.

  • Rewards Programs

    Rewarding the consumer for brand engagement through bulk purchases of prizes and rewards across all segments of the market.

  • Graphic Design

    We offer a fully fledged design function for digital and print mediums.

  • Strategy

    A key function in the development of a loyalty initiative is the strategy. This ensures alignment with brand objectives at all times.

  • Reporting & Statistics

    It is critically important to ensure accurate and timely statistical information on any marketing campaign. We pride ourselves on delivering insightful and robust reports on all campaigns.